Anarase – Maharashtrian Specialty Sweet Crispy Indian Pastry


Anarase – Maharashtrian Specialty Sweet Crispy Indian Pastry

Anarase is a Maharashtrian specialty made from fermented rice and Jaggery (or sugar). It is a lengthy process to make Anarase flour as rice needs to be soaked for a few days. I find it easier to buy the ready made flour and make Anarase at home. A perfect Anarasa is light, crispy and porous. To make good Anarase, quality of the flour is as important as the right process of making Anarase. Since it is little different process for frying Anarase, I’ll try to attach a video for it. If you can manage this step, you will be able to get perfect Anarase. Note – you need two spatulas to fry Anarase.


Anarase ready made flour (I used K-Pra) 1 packet 500 gms

Milk 4-5 tablespoons

Khuskhus (Poppy Seeds) 4 tablespoon

Ghee (Thick Vegetable Oil) to deep fry


1. Take out the contents of Anarase flour in a plate. If there are any lumps, break them with your fingers.

2. Mix milk 1 tablespoon at a time and bind dough. Be careful while adding milk. This dough requires very less milk. For 500 gms flour, I used only 4 tablespoon of milk. If you add too much milk, you will not be able to make Anarase. Dough should not be very soft.

3. Dry roast Khuskhus till light brown.

4. Knead the dough. Make small balls of the dough (dough balls similar to the ones that you make for Puri)

5. On a plastic sheet, apply little Ghee.

6. Place the dough ball on the sheet and gently pat to make a thin round shape Puri

7. Heat Ghee in a pan. You need to fry on low flame.

8. You need 2 spatulas to deep fry Anarase. Place one spatula half dipped in ghee

9. Gently place Anarasa on this spatula. Anarasa will start spreading. Use second spatula to control the shape on Anarasa

10. After a minute or so, Anarasa will stop spreading. Now take it on one spatula and splash ghee on it using second spatula till Anarasa is brown (or light brown if you like it that way)

11. Anarasa should not be flipped while frying.

12. Once it is brown, take the spatula out of ghee. Using both spatulas press Anarasa gently to remove excess ghee.

13. Keep a plate ready with kitchen tissue paper spread on it.

14. Transfer Anarasa to the plate and sprinkle khuskhus on it. Anarasa will be soft at this stage.

15. Fry all Anarase using the above process.

16. Once Anarasa is cold, it gets crispy. Transfer to an air tight container.

17. You can enjoy this delicious sweet for 3-4 weeks. No need to store in refrigerator.


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