Bitter Sweet Coffee Paratha – Indian Bread stuffed with Bitter Sweet Coffee filling

Coffee Paratha

Bitter Sweet Coffee Paratha – Indian Bread stuffed with Bitter Sweet Coffee filling

I learnt this recipe from my friend. This is a very different kind of paratha that has a filling of instant coffee.

Coffee lovers will like this bitter and sweet parathas. It does not require many ingredients and can be a good breakfast / snack option. My family loves it. I make it often.

Ingredients (for 7-8 parathas)

Rusks (Toasts that you get in bakery) 4 big size / 6 medium size

Instant Coffee powder 3 teaspoon

Bura sugar / Powdered sugar 5 teaspoon (adjust as per taste)

Milk 2-3 teaspoon

Salt 2 pinch

Wheat Flour for 7-8 parathas

Oil for dough

Ghee (clarified butter)/ oil for roasting parathas


1. Crush rusks; add coffee powder, powdered sugar and a pinch of salt.

Ingredients of filling – rusk power, instant coffee powder and powdered sugar

2. Add little milk at a time and mix. Make a mixture not too wet but you should be able to spread it easily. If it’s too wet, it will come out while rolling paratha.


Filling for Paratha

3. Bind dough for Paratha. It should not be too soft.

4. Take a dough ball – little bigger than a big lemon.

5. Roll it into a circular shape (a big puri).

6. Spread a teaspoon of coffee mixture of the puri evenly.

7. Sprinkle some dry wheat flour over it.

Spread the filling on the Puri and sprinkle dry wheat flour

8. Make a tight roll of this puri and then make a spiral. Seal the side of the sprial.

Make a roll
Seal the roll
Make a spiral

9. Roll the spiral into a little thick paratha.

Roll little thick Paratha

10. Roast both sides on a non stick griddle using a few drops of ghee.

11. Serve with home made butter or ghee. It tastes super yummy.

Coffee Paratha

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