Raw Mango Muramba (Mango Jam)

Muramba (Raw Mango Jam)

Raw Mango Muramba (Mango Jam)

Muramba is everyone’s favorite. Children love it. When you are bored of eating subji, having Muramba with Roti is a great option. This is Maharashtrian style Muramba recipe. My mother and grand mother used to make Muramba with this recipe. It’s a very easy recipe; does not require many ingredients. Makes delicious Muramba.


Peeled and Grated Raw Mangoes 2 cups

Sugar 3.5 cups (adjust as per taste)

Salt ¼ teaspoon

Cloves 8-10

Saffron few strings


1. In a steel pan, mix grated raw mangoes and sugar and keep for 4-6 hours

2. Cook it on medium flame stirring all the time

Cook Raw Mangoes and Sugar mixture

3. After 10 minutes add salt, cloves and saffron.

4. Keep cooking. Taste it to check if sugar is enough. If required, add sugar.

5. Keep cooking till Muramba is sticky. It should be fluid. It thickens when cool so don’t make it too thick.

6. Switch off the gas and allow it to cool completely.

Cook the mixture till it’s sticky

7. Store in bottles (preferably glass bottles).

Add some Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) to Muramba and then have it with Chapati / Roti. It tastes awesome.

Muramba (Raw Mango Jam)

Note: Use Raw Mangoes that are not very sour. Special mangoes are available in the market for Muramba.

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