Navalkol Leaves Soup (German Turnip Greens Soup)

Navalkol Leaves Soup

Navalkol Leaves Soup (German Turnip Greens Soup)

Navalkol is Alkol or Knolkol or Gathgobi or Kohlrabi or German Turnip. You get it at a vendor who sells green vegetables. Also you can find this at Vasai wala / wali who get vegetables from Vasai to sell. We generally make subji using Navalkol bulb but throw away the leaves. These leaves are very nutritious. So I decided to make soup using these leaves. I created my own recipe for this soup. It turned out to be very thick, healthy and delicious soup. Try this out.

Ingredients (serves 4 people)

Navalkol Leaves (German Turnip Greens) washed and chopped around 1.5 cups

Navalkol (German Turnip) Bulb and Leaves

Tomatoes 2 small

Chopped coriander 1 teaspoon

Sweet corn kernel ½ cup

Roasted Groundnut Powder 1 tablespoon

Black salt to taste

Garlic 3-4 cloves

Ghee (Clarified Butter) ½ teaspoon

Black Pepper Powder ¼ teaspoon (adjust as per taste)

Aamchoor (Mango Powder) ¼ teaspoon


Do not use Navalkol stem if is it not tender; Use only leaves.

1. Cook Navalkol leaves in microwave for 4 minutes on high. If you don’t have microwave, sauté on low flame using ½ teaspoon oil / ghee for 5-7 minutes (you will require ½ teaspoon more ghee in this case). Navalkol leaves do not release water like Spinach (Palak). They become dry.

2. Boil tomatoes in water for 2 minutes. Then dip in normal water. On cooling, remove tomato peel and cut into 4 pieces.

3. Boil sweet corn either in microwave (for 4 minutes) or using any other method.

Cooked ingredients – Navalkol leaves, Tomatoes, Coriander, Sweet Corn

4. Blend Navalkol leaves, tomatoes, 1 teaspoon of sweet corn, coriander leaves together in a smooth paste. Add water if required.

5. Heat ghee in a deep pan on low flame. Add garlic pieces and sauté till light brown.

6. Add blended mixture to the pan.

7. Add black salt, black pepper powder, aamchoor. Add water to adjust consistency. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes.

8. Add roasted groundnut powder and mix well.

9. Healthy and Tasty soup is ready. Serve hot after adding sweet corn kernels to soup bowl.


You can add a few Spinach (Palak) leaves to this soup. Cook Spinach leaves along with Navalkol leaves in step 1.

Navalkol Leaves Soup

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