Kheer Kadam Or Ras Kadam – Super Delicious Bengali Sweet made from Rasagulla

Kheer Kadam / Ras Kadam

Kheer Kadam Or Ras Kadam – Super Delicious Bengali Sweet made from Rasagulla

This is a famous Bengali sweet. This is Rasagulla covered with mild sweet Mawa / Khoya (dehydrated milk). Recipe is easy if you have Rasagullas ready and you buy ready made Mawa. If you want to make everything from scratch, it’s a lengthy and time consuming process. But the results are awesome.


Rasgullas 8-10
Mawa / Khoya (Dehydrated Milk) 250 gms or 1.25 litres of full cream milk
Powdered Sugar 2 Tablespoon
Saffron 2 pinch + 1 tablespoon of milk
Almond powder 2 tablespoon


1. If you are using Milk to make Mawa, then keep boiling milk on low flame in a thick bottom pan stirring continuously till it thickens and gets dried.

2. Add saffron soaked in milk and mix. Leave it to cool.

3. If you are using ready made Mawa, add saffron to it and mix. Heat it on low flame stirring continuously till it is thickens. Leave it to cool.

4. Remove rasgullas from sugar syrup. Squeeze Rasagullas to remove excess sugar syrup.

5. Add powdered sugar to Mawa and make a smooth dough. Divide into 8-10 balls to match the number of Rasagullas.

6. Take one ball of Mawa. Lightly flatten the ball. Place rasgulla on it. Gently Cover it with Mawa from all sides and roll into a smooth ball.

7. Roll the balls in almond powder.

8. Refrigerate Kheer Kadam and Enjoy this delicious sweet

For best taste, take out Kheer Kadam from refrigerator about 1 hour before serving so that it comes to room temperature and becomes moist.


For Rasagulla recipe, click on the following link:

Kheer Kadam / Ras Kadam
Kheer Kadam / Ras Kadam

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