Bharali Vangi (Stuffed Brinjal)

Bharali Vangi (Stuffed Brinjal) - This is made with dark tamarind pulp

Bharali Vangi (Stuffed Brinjal)

This is one of the famous preparation from Maharashtra. It is made in different ways in different parts of Maharashtra. This one is Brahmin style recipe from Konkan region. It does not use onion and garlic. There are 2-3 types of small brinjals available in the market. 1) Dark purple brinjals 2) light purple brinjals with thin white lines 3) light green. You can use either of these varieties for this subji. But the second one (light purple with thin white lines) taste better when cooked this way.


Brinjal (Vangi) small 10 Nos.

White Seasame Seeds ½ cup

Dried Coconut Grated ½ cup

Tamarind (Chinch) pulp 2 tablespoons

Crushed Jaggery 2 tablespoons

Red Chilli Powder 1 teaspoon

Goda Masala 2 teaspoons

Fresh Scraped Coconut 2 tablespoons

Chopped Coriander Leaves 2 tablespoons

Oil 1 teaspoon

Mustard Seeds ¼ teaspoon

Turmeric Powder ½ teaspoon

Asafoetida (Hing) ¼ teaspoon

salt to taste


1. Wash brinjals. Remove the green part of the stem attached to brinjal fruit, but leave ½ inch of stem along with the fruit. Make two perpendicular slits about ¾ th deep on the other side of the stem. Retaining some part of stem prevents brinjals from breaking to pieces while cooking.

Brinjals cleaned and cut

2. Roast white sesame seeds till light brown.

3. Roast grated dried coconut till light brown.

4. Grind roasted dried coconut and sesame seeds separately into a coarse powder using a grinder.

Sesame powder, fresh coconut, Dry coconut powder, jaggery, chopped coriander, goda masala and red chilly powder

5. Add jaggery, Red chilli powder, Goda masala, fresh scraped coconut, chopped coriander and salt to tamarind pulp.

6. Add dried coconut and sesame seeds powder to form a uniform coarse mixture, add some water if required. Consistency of this mixture should be like thick gravy.

Spice mixture

7. Stuff about a teaspoon of solid part of the mixture into each slit of brinjal. Brinjals are ready for cooking now.

Brinjals with stuffed spice mixture

8. Heat oil in a pan on medium flame.

9. Add mustard seeds, wait for sputte.

10. Add turmeric powder and asafoetida.

11. Add stuffed brinjals into the pan and cover the pan. Cook on low flame.

12. After 2 to 3 minutes turnover each brinjal and cover the pan again.

13. Brinjals will change colour to dark purple. Add the remaining mixture (prepared in step 6).

14. Add enough water to cover the brinjals.

15. Cook covered till brinjals are soft and gravy is thick.

16. Serve this delicious subji hot with Roti / Bhakari (Indian Bread).


1. If you want, you can add 4-5 small onions in this subji. Peel onions, make 2 perpendicular slits on each onion. Stuff some spice mixture in each onion and add them along with brinjals in step 11 above.

2. Colour of the subji will depend on the colour of Tamarind pulp. If Tamarind pulp is brown, the subji will be dark brown. If Tamarind Pulp is dark, subji will be blackish brown.

Bharali Vangi (Stuffed Brinjal) – This is made with brown Tamarind Pulp
Bharali Vangi (Stuffed Brijal) – This is made with dark tamarind pulp

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